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The realisation is setting in

Dr Shaul Zadka (16/10/2014)

The world is calling Qatar’s bluff; Parliament candidate calls for ISIS attack on Israel; The connection between a medical publication and the Ku Klux Klan; A discovery in Teheran: the Zionist are behind 9/11 attack

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One of the least funny jokes in the fight against ISIS is Qatar’s partaking in Barack Obama’s coalition. A country funding Jihadists joins forces the those working to destroy the terror organisation. You could hear the echoing laughter all the way from Doha to London, via the propoganda service that is El-Jazira network. Still, some people are just finding out how cunning the Emir Bin Hamed El-Tani really is and don’t hesitate suggesting the need to sustain proper relations with the small but vastly rich emirate.

British former commander in Chief Sir Richard Dennet accused “people” in Saudi Arabia and Qatar but demanded the British government to prevent the two countries from purchasing more and more assets in Britain, as long as they are funding these violent organisations. Qatar, it’s a wide known fact, is the owner of Harrods department store, the Olympic village, the Shard building and a chunk of Sainsbury’s. Retired general Jonathan Shaw thinks the current campaign is futile as long as Qatar and Saudi Arabia provide ideological and financial support to Islamists.

Same tune is heard from former British defense ministers, Liam fox and Malcolm Rifkind. The latter is currently chairman of the Parliamentary committee for security and intelligence and he focuses on Qatar and calls for imposing severe sanctions on it.

The Labour candidate slandered and suspended
If one of the definitions for anti-Semitism is “Hating Jews more than necessary” then Vicki Kirby certainly fits the shoe. She is a Labour party candidate in the coming general elections. Just a “normal” anti-Semitic rant was not enough for Ms Kirby. She called for ISIS to attack Israel on her Twitter account saying: “We invented Israel when saving them from Hitler, who now seems to be their teacher” adding “I will never forget and I will make sure my kids teach their children how evil Israel is!”. She then went on to wonder “Apparently you can ask IS/ISIS/ISIL questions on Anyone thought of asking them why they’re not attacking the real oppressors #Israel?”.

Ms Kirbi, who endorses general boycott on Israel, was on her way to the Labour conference in Manchester when she got the word that she had been suspended from the party. Her district is Woking where her odds for election looked good. Maybe we can take comfort in Merry Griffith Clark’s comparing the Torries to the Nazis. Is that the level of candidacy the parties offer the public?

Change of heart
The British magazine the Lancet magazine has had the reputation of a prestigious publication. However, over the years it has become an open stage for slander and accusations against Israel, and a place to voice off the top conspiracy theories. How low can you go? During the Gaza conflict five doctors published an “Open letter to the people of Gaza” in the magazine’s summer issue. It did not contain a single word of criticism agains Hamas. It turns out two of the doctors signed on that letter are Dr. Paula Menduce and Dr. Suey Eng are avid supporters of Politician and Ku Klux Klan figure, David Duke, who is infamous in the USA.

Mr. Hurton meets a Rabbi, and an Imam

The two went as far as sending a video to friends in which Duke claims the Jews control the media, politics and the banking system and that their culture is tribal and racist in order to further their interests.

Dr. Eng, who is an orthopedic surgeon warned the video recipients from this phenomenon and claimed that those issues are not relevant to Palestine only but “to all of us”. Dr. Menduce who lectures at the University of Genua claimed that Israel is behind the Boston Marathon attack last year and compared Israel to a fig tree growing around other trees depriving them of sun light. Mr Duke thanked the two and said they were able to penetrate the Zionist censorship.

This pile of waste words did not seem to bother Lancet Chief Editor Richard Hurton who refused to issue an apology or to remove the link to the webpage. He even rejected the claim that the publication should not deal with politics, because it has a direct link to medicine. All this was true until Mr. Hurton’s visit to Israel at the beginning of October. He visited Rambam hospital in Haifa and there apologised for neglecting to publish the hospital’s response to the allegations made in the publication chiefs, outraging hospital administrator Prof. Rephael Biar, who invited Hurton to visit the hospital.

Over his three day visit Mr. Hurton suddenly has an epiphany. He realised that 25% of employees in the institute were Arabs and that the hospital provides medical care for injured Syrians and Palestinians. He was present in Arab-Israeli meetings in Akko, Haifa and Tel Aviv. He later said the was extremely moved by meeting a Rabbi and an Imam in Akko and called the visit “a turning point in his view of Israel”.

He promised to issue an apology in the publication’s next issue and to open a new leaf with Israel.

Anglican priest in an anti-Semitic conference in Teheran
It appears that Zionists were not only behind the Boston marathon attack but also the 9/11 attack in New York. This accusation is as old as time itself and yet it was on the agenda of a Teheran conference titled “New horizon”. The star of the event? Anglican church’s Dr. Stephen Caesar, a veteran anti-Israel politician. Jewish leadership in London protested his participation in an event organised by a Holocaust denying government, one that calls for the destruction of Israel.

But Dr. Caesar claimed he didn’t necessarily concur with everything said in the conference and anyway he went to the Iranian capital as an “ambassador of reconciliation”. Just like Jesus at the time, ordering his disciples to work towards religious understanding. By going to Iran, he claims, he encourages “building bridges between minorities in a country where Jewish and Christian minorities live as well”.

Dr Caesar represents the Surrey district in the church was involved in a dialogue with the Jewish community, ending in reconciliation. It would appear that this understanding ceased to exist when the priest was handed an Iranian plane ticket.


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