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Israeli Gett Bids to Own Half London Cab Market

Alondon staff (31/03/2016)

The deal, which is subject to shareholder approval, will bring the total number of Gett black cabs in the London to 11,500

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Gett (previously Get Taxi) the Israeli on demand taxi app, is launching a bid to acquire Radio Taxis in a deal that will bring the total number of Gett black cabs in the British capital to 11,500 or half of all the licensed taxis in the city.

The acquisition, which is subject to shareholder approval, will make Gett the country’s biggest black cab app, with more drivers in London and its 24 other UK cities than any other company.

Gett operates in 25 of the UK's major provincial cities including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as the US and Russia, and throughout its home base in Israel.

Gett operates in 25 of the UK´s major provincial cities

In London the combination of Radio Taxis and Gett will give passengers access to more than 11,500 famous black cabs and their highly trained drivers, as well as Gett’s unique fixed fares which offer a discount on the meter price, confirmed before the journey begins.

“We are working hard to consolidate our claim to be the best and biggest black car company in London and in the U.K. in general,” Nahshon Davidai, chief marketing officer, said in an interview, declining to comment on whether Gett planned further acquisitions in the near future. He added that the company’s focus remained global.

Remo Gerber, Managing Director of Gett in Western Europe said: “Radio Taxis has a long, proud history and we are delighted to bring such a great business into the Gett family. Alongside our cutting edge technology it is going to help to make Gett an even more powerful, global force for both our corporate customers and members of the public.

“This deal will help even more more customers get access to our fantastic fixed fares which are always better than the meter - with discounts of up to 30% on the fare they would otherwise pay.”

Gett’s revenues grew by 300% in 2015 and are projected to reach $500 million (£350 million) globally in 2016. Its clients already include half of the Fortune 500 companies around the world and to date it has raised more than $200 million (£140 million) in funding.


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