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Louis CK To Perform In Jerusalem- Tickets Available! (17/05/2016)

The beloved post-modern New York comic will be performing in Israel for the first time in August

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Louis CK on Kimmy Kimmel Live!

The American King of Post-Modern Comedy, Louis C.K., is coming to Jerusalem to perform at the Payis Arena on August 18th. It will be his first performance in Israel and tickets were ranging from NIS 280 (£50) to NIS 730 (£132) for a spot in the 15,000-seat theatre.

I say were because it looks like the show, announced only last night, has completely sold out.

Diehard fans fret not: another, earlier, show on the same day will be made available tonight at 5:00PM Israeli time due to the sellout. Act fast and you may still be able to nab a ticket.

Click to buy tickets to see Louis

Last month the creator of Emmy-winning Louis and Horace And Pete hinted at a possible show in Israel on the Howard Stern Show, but last night was the first time fans were given a tangible reason to get excited. In an email to his followers yesterday, C.K. wrote that he would be kicking off a new world tour with locations in the US, Europe and Israel. He added, to the delight of his fans, that this tour would feature all new material:

“That’s right. I am not using any words that I have ever said on stage. It was a very difficult challenge. I had to resort to words like “cotton” and “trunk” and even ‘Salutation.’”

“Anyway. It’s new jokes and I think I’m better at comedy right now than I’ve been for a while and I’m going to dedicate the year to just doing great live shows.”

In a “PPS” at the end of the email, C.K. mentioned that he “heard” that the site selling tickets in Israel had temporarily crashed, probably due to over-trafficking- evidence that the grandson of a Hungarian Jew and just might have a much bigger fan base in The Jewish State than he realized.

Click to buy tickets to see Louis

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