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El Al, Rolls-Royce Reach Deal (23/11/2016)

In a £1 billion deal, El Al will be purchasing Rolls-Royce engines for its new Dreamliners

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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner (source: Wikipedia)

El-Al has picked Rolls-Royce’s Trent 1000 engines to power fifteen new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft in a £1 billion deal, with the option of purchasing 13 more in the future.

News of the deal between Israel’s flag carrier airline and the British aircraft manufacturer was initially revealed by Rolls-Royce. In a a press release on the company website, Rolls-Royce quoted its Chief Customer Officer Dominic Horwood: “We are proud that such a valued customer as El Al has selected the Trent 1000. This continues a long and close relationship with El Al and we are delighted they have recognised the economic advantages the Trent 1000 delivers.”

The press release went to note that Rolls-Royce has worked with El AL for “more than fifty years when Rolls-Royce powered Boeing 707 aircraft and later the Boeing 757” used by the Israeli airline.

In his ownpress release , El Al President and CEO David Maimon said: “Rolls Royce is a major player in the field of aircraft engines. As part of the biggest renewal plan in the history of EL AL, the decision to work with Rolls Royce was natural. The installation of the Trent 1000 engines on the new Dreamliner aircraft is of great importance to Israel’s aviation scene. I would like to thank Eric Schulz and the Rolls-Royce team for their cooperation; I am certain that this partnership will enable the two companies to work together for a long period.”

On Monday Barry Grossman, Director of Trade and Investment at the British Embassy in Tel Aviv, wrote about the embassy’s involvement in the decision leading up to the deal: “EL AL chose the Boeing 787 Dreamliner for the airframe. From the UK’s perspective this was an opportunity, as it now meant El Al could choose between two engines for the new fleet – one manufactured in America, or the Trent 1000 engine from Rolls-Royce.”

“Naturally, we – the Ambassador and the DIT team in Tel Aviv – went out to bat for Rolls-Royce. For its part, Rolls-Royce prepared its bid meticulously – they remained cool and un-phased during the whole process, despite the knowledge that the American State Department was bringing out its big guns to influence EL AL to buy American.”

The new Dreamliners are scheduled for delivery next year.


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