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The UN: Reform or Replace?

Letter To Editor (10/01/2017)

A Letter to the Editor questions the UNs treatment of Israel and if the international institution is in need of more than just reformation

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UN Security Council (Craig Ruttle/Associated Press)

Dear Editor,

Steven Miller in a letter to The Jewish Chronicle, 6th January, yearns for a reformed UN; so do we all but the chances of that happening appears to be extremely improbable. In 2006, due to its main focus on unfairly vilifying Israel, the General Assembly abandoned The Human Rights Commission and created The Human Rights Council in the (vain) hope it would focus on its primary purpose of dealing impartially with human rights violations; as we can see nothing has changed, in every meeting’s agenda, special item 7 is dedicated exclusively to Israel (presumably deciding it the world’s worst human rights violator and necessitating its own special item) and is singled out for opprobrium. One only has to look at the composition of the UNHRC member states to understand why even the head of the UN, Ban Ki-moon admits Israel is not fairly treated at the UN.

PLO representative Hanan Ashrawi clearly stated after last week’s UNGA resolution 2334, the real reason for Palestinian intransigence, a position unchanged since the 1920’s, is The Palestinians will never accept a Jewish State. This seemingly obvious fact is myopically ignored by the West who persist with the view that this is a conflict about settlements.

With the tragic death toll in Yemen and ½ million deaths in Syria, and the UN remaining impotent, it nevertheless relentlessly obsesses about Israelis building homes in Jerusalem erroneously believing it the main impediment to peace and with resolution 2334 which Britain shamefully endorsed, it attempts to erase Israel’s established legal rights to its land. Have we now reached the time for this “ennobled” institution which is incapable of shedding its anti-Israel bias, be replaced?

Melvyn Lipitch



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