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MetanoiaVR (22/02/2017)

A new and exclusive development by Israeli Technology company, Metanoia, brings property interiors to life via virtual reality

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Metanoia created an advanced technology revolutionizing property sales and interior design, enabling real time detailed specification choices such as: texture, furniture, tiles, bathroom fixtures and more be created in virtual rooms.

In an exclusive interview, Founder and CEO Michael Reznik explains why they developed this and how it works.

The term "Virtual Reality" (VR) is an integral component of an ever-changing technology. In the past, we looked at it as futuristic and mainly tied to gaming and military application. VR can create real environments with an interactive simulation in a way that has never been done before. Recently VR technology has expanded to other areas and big companies are using it as a tool for marketing a variety of products - medical, music, education, property, and much more.

For the last 2 years Metanoia has developed an advanced marketing tool that provides private clients, property companies and developers a unique service, both practical and innovative, when purchasing yet to be built properties or renovating existing ones.

The property market, one of the most advanced markets in the world, has thus far demanded that its clients "imagine" their future property when they make one of the most important decisions in their life - buying a home. Metanoia developed innovative technological tools for the marketing and sales of new construction projects, allowing them to be fully recreated in virtual reality for a client to experience.

As opposed to existing tools - Metanoia offers a real virtual reality. This not just another 360 degree simulation, 3D films and such, but a full, lifelike experience allowing the client "to walk" through the property, interact with and literally live it.

The app can be experienced at the Property, or developer showrooms, or at the home of a client. It is not only experienced via virtual reality goggles (Oculus or HTC), but also via TV, touch screens, laptops and tablets. This makes the sale process easier with the ability to match it to all prospective clients regardless of their technological awareness.

Residential experience personal and interactive in real time. Realistic simulations

Michael, how is this innovative?

"We supply an easy to use advanced tool giving a total solution to the property marketing team, the developer and to the private client, we create a personal experience in real time for each of those segments. The clients enjoy a personal, interactive, real time living experience, allowing them full movement through the project (as opposed to just 360-degree view), changing detail, fittings and giving relevant information for the potential buyer. For property developers, this is a revolutionary marketing tool like no other existing tools, such as pictures, 3D films and 360 degree views, that are defined for the client and that any change requires the recreation of the film, costing money and time. Metanoia is offering a very flexible product, where desired changes are done within a few hours at a low cost. The developer can give his clients a unique, modern and interactive buying experience. Moreover, the developer can produce as many pictures and films of his properties with no limit of quantity or extra cost".

What is the meaning of "Metanoia"?

Metanoia comes from Greek. It means a meaningful change or the journey a person takes to change ways of life. The Metanoia is the change when for the first time a future home can be experienced realistically and interactively in real time like never".

Virtual reality has been around for a while, what do you offer that is different?

"Virtual reality allows the user to experience a given environment realistically with hardly any limitations. The tools given today are "closed" and final, allowing one angle to view the space, or a limited number - meaning 360 degrees. The experience starts and finishes with the movement of the head from the same spot. Metanoia, however, facilitates a walk through the property, personalize interior design according to a detailed plan and obtain information about items in the property and its surroundings. Furthermore, the user can document this experience with pictures and films he produces himself on the spot with a push of a button.

The user is not limited to VR goggles, as our product is suitable to a variety of users: keyboard and mouse, touch screens, laptops, joystick as well as VR goggles. There is a bespoke operating system to each project".

Serving the Israeli Housing and Construction Minister. Michael Resnick (standing) with Yoav Gallant (right). Photo: Sasson Tiram

Are you planning on expanding to other areas?

"Of course, we are already developing more products, one of which is for motoring, however, the focus is creating property buying experience like never. Though the marketing potential of the product can be utilized to other areas and platforms".

Do you operate in Israel exclusively?

"We are an international company based in Israel. At present, we are closing agreements with distributers overseas, looking forward to expanding to Europe, The US and Far East, at the same time expanding our activity in Israel. Our developers, researchers and programmers are situated in Israel".

Do you personally come from a technology background?

"Yes, especially virtual reality, but it was always my after-hours "hobby", until I started Metanoia. In fact, up to a few months ago I was a consultant for Yoav Galant, the Construction Minister, while developing the product over the past 2 years as well as taking my MA degree in the Hebrew University. Our team consists of technology specialists, 3D specialists, strategy and marketing specialist. We are all working towards turning VR to a practical tool in property marketing".

What is the cost of your product?

"It depends on the project and its complexity. It is relatively low, from tens of thousands NIS and upwards. The difference is that each developer can tailor make a package according to the budget of a project. From one flat to a whole neighbourhood. It is like Lego- the developer chooses the building blocks and we create the whole picture".

(The company CEO is Michael Reznik, a former consultant to Construction Minister Yoav Galant.)

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