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Israelis In Sony Photo Awards (03/03/2017)

The largest photography competition in the world just "honored" two Israeli photographers as being in the top ten for their categories

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© Dina Alfasi, Israel, Shortlist, Open Competition, Street Photography, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Two Israeli photographers have been selected by Sony’s 2017 World Photography Awards as among the top ten in the categories of "open street photography" and "open wildlife." The photographers are competing for £4069 pounds and Sony equipment.

The world’s largest photo competition has selected the top ten photographs after pouring through 227,000 images from 183 countries, according to a press release. Photographers Dina Alfasi and Bar Kaufman made the shortlist for the "open street" and "open wildlife" categories, respectively. A third Israeli photographer made it to the top fifty in "open wildlife".

Kaufman’s photograph, "Red Heart of Africa", features two Gelada baboons sat on a hillock in the Semien mountains of Ethiopa. "It was on that hike that I taught myself with 24mm lens, and those baboons were the best models. I got in as close as they let me and took this picture. Looks like they are just sitting there- thinking about life."

© Bar Kaufman, Israel, Shortlist, Open Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Alfasi, described in the press release as an "engineer who lives in Hadera", submitted a photo of an elderly man on a bus in Haifa with her mobile. Its title is "Air."

"There is something about the combination of a slim figure, slightly fragile, his way of seating and the background of sky and white clouds, creating a sense of levitation," wrote Alfasi. "I think that is why this picture is managed to fascinate so many people. I received many comments from people who have written that they are not able to explain exactly what, but there is something magical about this situation."

© Gal Gross, Israel, Commended, Open Wildlife, 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

The third photographer, Gal Gross, is a lawyer and a nature and travel photographer from Petah Tikva. Her photo "Silhouettes", which "captures the outlines of cranes at sunrise at the Hulla Valley nature reserve" in Israel, was selected as one of the fifty best submissions to the "open wildlife" category. This is the second time her work has been recognized by this competition, and she has won in other similar competitions.

The winners of each category will be announced on March 28th, the final overall winner will be announced on April 20th.


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