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Levy Must-Sees: Mindhorn

Dana Levy (27/04/2017)

Julian Barratt stars as a failed actor-turned-real-detective in a comedy thriller that showcases the very best of British comedy

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Dana Levy is a British-Israeli film critic based in London.
‘Mindhorn’ is a hilarious and eccentric new British comedy directed by Sean Foley. Richard Thorncroft (played by Julian Barratt, one half of ‘The Mighty Boosh’) is a washed up actor who found brief fame in the late ‘80’s playing a TV detective from the Isle of Man with a robotic eye called Mindhorn. Since then he has only been able to get bit parts in adverts for orthopaedic socks.

Deluded on-the-loose killer Paul Melly (Russell Tovey, best known for ‘Him and Her’) calls the Isle of Man police warning them that if he doesn’t speak to Mindhorn at 4pm the following day, he will commit mass murder. The police realise they have to find the actor who played Mindhorn to lure the killer into custody. Richard is delighted at this opportunity, hoping it will relaunch his acting career. Since he left the Isle of Man 25 years earlier, his former co-star and girlfriend Patricia Deville (Essie Davis, from ‘The Babadook’ trilogy and Game of Thrones) is now a TV journalist living with Richard’s former stunt man Clive Parnevick (Simon Farnaby, ‘Rogue One’). As soon as Richard arrives on the Isle of Man he goes on a side mission trying to win Patricia back.

In the meantime, Richard gets carried away and dresses up in his Mindhorn costume, complete with a fake robotic eye, treating the case as an acting challenge. The police are furious with him, especially DC Baines (played by Andrea Riseborough from ‘Birdman’ and ‘Nocturnal Animals’).

Patricia also turns her back on Richard and he is forced to leave the island in shame, but just before he does, he discovers a video recording that reveals a twist involving shadowy villains. Richard is forced into finding shelter in an underground hideout with an obsessive fan who believes they are in an episode of Mindhorn. This suits Richard just fine as he is enjoying reliving his role as Mindhorn. Richard and the fan go on the hunt to clear his name, and bring the real villains to justice.

Mindhorn is a well written, offbeat and bizarre comedy that is thoroughly enjoyable with some very funny moments. It is also dotted with brilliant cameo’s by Kenneth Branagh, Simon Callow and Steve Coogan. If you are a fan of eccentric British comedies which are different to the norm, you should definitely check out ‘Mindhorn’. It has all the ingredients of a cult classic.

CAST: Julian Barratt, Andrea Risborough, Russell Tovey, Simon Callow, Essie Davis, Kanneth Branagh, Steve Coogan.
DIRECTOR: Sean Foley
UK RELEASE DATE: 5th May 2017


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