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Levy Must-Sees: Wonder Woman (01/06/2017)

Israel-born Gal Gadot stars in the first DC solo movie since "Batman v Superman", and, boy, does this princess know how to throw a punch.

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(source: Warner Bros.)

Dana Levy is a British-Israeli film critic based in London

Princess Diana has arrived! Israel’s national treasure Gal Gadot stars in the titular role of the first DC Superhero stand-alone feature film: ‘Wonder Woman’.

Directed by Patty Jenkins (director of ‘Monster’ and the US version of ‘The Killing’), ‘Wonder Woman’ chronicles the story of Princess Diana, the only child of Themyscira, a secret island gifted by Zeus, the King of the Gods. As princess of the Amazons, Diana was trained by Powerful female warriors to be unconquerable, a handy trait to have when she finds herself thrust into the First World War.

When an American pilot named Steve (Chris Pine of the reboot ‘Star Trek’ franchise) crashes his plane off the shores of their island, Diana comes to his rescue and shelters him on the island. Steve is totally alien to the Amazons. At first they are convinced he has come to kill them, but when Steve informs them of the World War raging in the outside world, Diana - who has been preparing for combat her whole life- leaves her home with him, convinced that she can stop the global threat.

But to become a true warrior, she will need to carry the courage of her convictions onto the world’s most harrowing battlefield. Fighting alongside men in the “war to end all wars”, Diana discovers the full extent of her special powers and finds her true destiny.

Gal Gadot is impressive as Wonder Woman. She is funny and expressive and her action scenes are filled with awe-inspiring spins, back flips and kick-ass moves. Her rapport with Chris Pine is enjoyable and her character’s lack of knowledge of “mankind” leads to some very amusing scenes when they first meet. Another reason the film works so well is the story is stronger, deeper and better structured than other DC, or even Marvel films. It seems more developed and keeps the viewer intrigued from start to finish. The action scenes and special effects are jaw dropping and so are the stunning scenes set in Themyscira at the start of the film, which give the secret island a dream-like quality.

I can assure you that, even if you are not a DC or Marvel comic fan, you will thoroughly enjoy this film. It will captivate you throughout and is very entertaining. You go, Gal!

MOVIE TITLE: Wonder Woman
CAST: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Lucy Davis, David Thewlis, Danny Huston
DIRECTOR: Patty Jenkins
UK RELEASE DATE: 1st June 2017


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