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Pro-Israel Event in UK Cancelled (08/06/2017)

The largest annual pro-Israel event in the UK has been cancelled by its organizers due to worries about security

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Last year´s A Night To Honour Israel, which featured keynote speaker Colonel Richard Kemp (source: Tony Margiocchi/Daily Mail)

The UK’s largest event celebrating Israel was canceled earlier this week over security concerns in the wake of the Manchester and London Bridge terrorist attacks.

“A Night to Honour Israel” is a series of events held mainly in the United States and hosted by the US-based organization Christians United for Israel (CUFI), who describe it as “an expression of Christian solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish people.”

More than 1,000 tickets had been sold for the central-London event that was meant to take place later this month, but organizers have decided to cancel over concerns of a non-specified threat from “Islamic extremists”.

In an email to supporters, CUFI UK Executive Director Des Starritt said: “Islamic extremists have called for the specific targeting of Christians and Jews during the month of Ramadan, during which our event was set to take place. Although no specific threat has been received, we have been advised that our event could be a target.”

The event itself would have featured local Christian and Jewish community leaders as keynote speakers, including retired British Army Colonel Richard Kemp, although details about the planned London event do not appear on CUFI’s schedule on its website.

Starritt said it is “wisdom and not fear” that encouraged the organizers to cancel “A Night To Honour Israel”, which is the largest annual pro-Israel event in the UK.

Starritt added: “We are determinded that the impact of Islamic extremism will not win. We are resolved to confront it through our work and over the next few weeks you will see more activity from CUFI in addressing some of these challenges.

“The roots of the threat currently facing this nation is the same that Israel has faced for years. Our standing with Israel against radical Islam is crucial at this time, as is standing with our country as it comes to terms with its impact.”


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