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Balfour 100 Event Draws 250 (29/06/2017)

A Pro-Israel event featuring Jewish and Christian community leaders helped activists prepare for the upcoming centenary of the Balfour Declaration

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(Source: We Believe in Israel)

A pro-Israel conference hosted by We Believe In Israel in London drew over 250 people on Sunday afternoon, reported the Jewish News.

The Balfour Centenary Activist Conference served as informative prelude to the expected celebrations coming this November, which will mark 100 years since Lord Balfour penned the crucial letter that guaranteed British support for Israeli statehood.

Held at the Hasmonean Boy’s School in Hendon, the conference featured speakers from both Israel and the UK, including representatives from UK Lawyers For Israel, the Unionof Jewish Students, the Israeli Defense Force, Israeli embassy in London, and the CEO’s of the Jewish Leadership Council and the UK’s Board of Deputies.

A number of key members of the Christian community were also present, including representatives from Anglican Friends of Israel and Christian Watchmen Over Zion.

According to a press release, the conference covered “both the history of the declaration, its implications for Israel now, and practical campaign skills to promote the Centenary and defend its legacy against those who see to delegitimize Israel.”

“Breakout Sessions” included talks ranging from on the “opponents” of the centenary, to “Israel’s rights in international law”, to the “history of the Balfour Declaration.”

Other topics covered included promoting the centenary through social media, reaching out to MPs, and on UK campuses.

According to JN, Director of WBII Luke Akehurst said: “Israel’s opponents want to use Balfour to frame Israel as an illegitimate colonial entity. We need to make sure we are communicating the true story- that Balfour was the first international recognition of the Jewish people’s right to national liberation and self-determination.”

Israel’s Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev told the audience: “If you are against Balfour you are against the very concept of a Jewish state in any borders”, adding, “Britain can be proud of Balfour because it helped produce the Middle East’s only democracy.”

We Believe in Israel is an advocacy organization created by Britain Israel Communcation and Research Center (BICOM).


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