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Mobileye Expands To UK (07/07/2017)

The Israeli car tech company is expanding its business to the UK following a successful trial of its new sensors intended to increase traffic safety

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(source: Mobileye)

Israeli driver-assistance company Mobileye is expanding to Britain’s shores with Handsfree Group as its new distributor.

Mobileye is a Jerusalem-based tech company that develops the hardware and artificial intelligence used for improving road safety by giving drivers alerts before an imminent collision and checking blind spots. This is the same technology necessary for building self-driving cars.

According to Fleet News, Mobileye tested its new sensors on British “fleets both the public and private sector” with apparent great success before deciding to expand to the UK.

Gil Ayalon, Mobileye’s regional director in Europe, said: “Our driver alerting technology – aimed specifically at commercial fleets – can be installed on any vehicle currently on the road today, bring the same safety benefits for a fraction of the cost of renewing the vehicle.”

The expansion adds a new dimension to the trade relationship between the UK and the small Middle East nation, leading Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev to comment: “With the news that more and more Israeli high tech firms like Mobileye are bringing its innovation and expertize to Britain, I am confident that our countries’ robust economic relationship will grow even stronger in the time to come.”

As initially reported in the Jewish News, bilateral trade between the UK and Israel is currently valued at £5.9 billion.

Mobileye is recognized as one of the leaders in vehicle safety and self-driving car technology, with an £11.8 billion acquisition by Intel announced earlier this year. Although the deal has yet to be finalized, BMW will also be joining the partnership between the Intel and the Israeli tech company.

Tesla has already utilized Mobileye’s technology in its self-driving Model S, which was put into production in 2012.

According to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, the acquisition deal was driven by his prediction that “the car of the future is going to look much more like a server”, a transition that Mobileye can help Intel realize.


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