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PM Meets With Jewish Leaders (08/09/2017)

Prime Minister May and a delegation of Jewish community leaders discussed anti-Semitism, Jewish schools and Syrian refugees at Downing Street on Wednesday

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Theresa May and the delegation of Jewish community leaders at Downing Street (source: Twitter)

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May reiterated her support of the Jewish community and the fight against anti-Semitism to a group of Jewish community leaders at Downing Street.

“I want to take this opportunity to reaffirm my long-standing and total commitment to the security of the Jewish community and I will do everything possible to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred and prejudice in our country”, said May to a delegation from the Jewish Leadership Council that meets annually with the Prime Minister.

“Today’s meeting was also an opportunity for me, as Prime Minister, to celebrate the incredible contribution that the Jewish community makes to our country”, May added.

The recently released reports of a record high in anti-Semitic incidents last year was a prime point on the agenda of the meeting, as was the new Holocaust Memorial that will be built adjacent to Parliament.

The delegation asked the Prime Minister to support Jewish secondary schools by allowing parents to give contributions to their children’ education, a practice that was banned in 2014 as it might lead to favoritism of certain studies to appease contributors.

The delegation also thanked May for her efforts to combat ant-Israel bias in the UN earlier this year and requested additional funding to accommodate Syrian refugees.

JLC chairman Jonathan Goldstein, who led the group, thanked the PM for her continued support of the Jewish community.

“The JLC’s annual meeting with the Prime Minister is unique in our communal calendar,” said Goldstein. “It facilitates direct engagement with the heart of government and gives voice to the entire community on matters of national importance.

“As JLC Chair, I am committed to deepening the partnership with the Prime Minister and to working with the government and across our membership to tackle the challenges we face and make a profound difference in the life of every British Jew.”


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