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Panda Nursery

Sandra Bejerano is a qualified Montessori teacher with over 25 years of experience, having owned and managed her own nursery in Israel and now in London since 2007. The nursery is run based on some of the Montessori approaches, such as; treating each child as an individual, teaching life skills through play, encouraging independence, self confidence and promoting values.

Free play & messy play are a big part of the daily schedule, as well as music and movement.
Fresh, healthy vegetarian meals are served daily with a variety of fruit and veg.
Panda offers an intimate, yet stimulating environment for children aged 1-3.5 years.
English & Hebrew speaking.
Chagim are celebrated in a fun, traditional way.
The nursery consists of 3 spaces;
Room 1- indoor room that is used for fine motor skills, constructions, circle time and free play.
Extension - a light spacious conservatory that is used for roll play, messy play and arts & crafts.
Garden - climbing frame, swings and plenty of space to run & ride.
Opening hours - 8am-5pm
Location: Hendon
Sandra : 07779104454

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