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Al-Aqsa Detectors Ignite Protests

The metal detectors installed by Israeli authorities on the Temple Mount following a terrorist attack have sparked a week of protests, some of them violent

Investigation Of MP Abuse

A report from the All Party Group on Antisemtism showed a significant uptick in intimidation of MPs leading up to the 2017 General Election.

UK Synagogue Membership On Decline

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research released a report that found UK synagogue memberships are down 20% since 1990

Palestine Expo Given Go-Ahead

The government will allow an event celebrating Palestinian culture and featuring anti-Zionist speakers to take place at the QE2 Centre

BDS Declares Divestment Victory

The High Court has struck down Government guidance preventing local councils from divesting from companies who do business in Israel

Mosque Attack: Jewish Solidarity

Multiple leaders of the Jewish community have condemned terrorism targeting Muslims following the attack on a mosque in Finsbury Park on Monday

Mayor Khan Concerned by Al Quds

After a petition calling for the annual Al Quds Day march in London to be cancelled garnered over 18,000 views, London Mayor Sadiq Khan will meet a second time with Met Police Commissioner

General Election: Results

An indecisive victory for May and the Tories leads to a hung parliament, while British Jews and Israel have many reasons to breathe a sigh of relief now that Corbyn will not be PM

Pro-Israel Event in UK Cancelled

The largest annual pro-Israel event in the UK has been cancelled by its organizers due to worries about security

198 Candidates Sign Israel Pledge

198 general election parliamentary candidates have signed a pledge that condemns boycotts and supports the new definition of anti-Semitism put out by the IHRA

London Bridge Attack: What We Know

After the terrorist attack in London that left 8 dead and 48 wounded on Saturday, here is what we know about the victims, the attackers, and the government response.

May Addresses Jewish Community

May laid out her mission regarding the British Jewish community and Israel while taking shots at Jeremy Corbyn. Meanwhile, Polls suggest May should be worried.

UCU Will Debate Anti-Semitism Definition

The UCU has proposed a motion distancing itself from a definition of anti-Semitism accepted by the British government last year

Jerusalem Day: Who Said What

One of the most important Israeli national holidays tends to draw a lot of opinions about the status of Israel-controlled Jerusalem. This year was no different.

Bibi Responds to Manchester

Following the suicide bombing in Manchester, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called out the Palestinian Authority for being a hypocrite when condemning terrorism

Jerusalem Mayor Makes Headlines

Following a tsunami of Trump-Israel news, the Mayor of Jerusalem made headlines twice this week, only days before the President visits the Holy City

Trump And Israel Trip No. 1

Ahead of his first trip to the Middle East as President of the United States, Trump has sent a fairly astounding amount of mixed-signals

Labour Updates Stance On Israel

Labour called for an end to Palestinian terrorism in a new manifesto released on Tuesday after hiring a new campaign leader with visceral anti-Israel positions

Killer of British Student Charged

The man who killed a British student in Jerusalem last month has been charged with murder

Archbishop: Bring Hamas To Table

During a busy trip that spanned every corner of the Holy Land, the head of the Anglican Church visited Gaza and supports bringing Hamas into peace negotiations

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