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A knockout to Israeli foreign policy

With a on 274 to 12 vote in favour of a symbolic recognition of a Palestinian state the message is clear: Israel is counting its Westminster friends; Israeli Embassy has issued a formal response

A Soda tale

Soda Stream gave up to the protestors and closed its shop at Brighton; A Jihadist summer; UK disarming Syrian chemical weapons made by the UK…; Between London and Gaza; Excellent TV in London.

Back To Basics

Conspiracy theories about Israel are popular across British schools. How can we change this?

Trouble Up North

Standing up to the boycotters in Scotland.

Editor's Notes

In this month's print edition, we have the amazing story of a remarkable hairstylist, reactions to Pillar of Defence and much, much more.

Intercepting The Ignorance

Gil Messing was interviewed by British media outlets during Pillar of Defence. What insights did he come to?

Content, But Not For Long

The operation in Gaza did not cloud British-Israeli relations, but then came the Bibi government's declarations.

Art, Accountability & Amity

Artists who perform in Israel see their Facebook pages become political battlegrounds, but there is still hope.

Editor's Notes

This month, Alondon celebrates 200 issues and 18 years in publication.

Folks, The Hysterics Return

Saul Zadka looks back at the people he's denounced and the prophecies he's made over 200 columns for Alondon.

Editor's Notes

This month we talk to Batsheva's dancers and round-up the Israeli films at London's festivals, while we prepare for a triple anniversary next month.

The Born Identity

Nir Cohen has started a new meeting group for young Israelis in London.

Boycott? What Boycott?

From boycotters to spies to universities, Saul Zadka explores the current state of British-Israeli relations.

Unbearable Hypocrisy

Saul Zadka gives us his take on Peter Brook's boycott and Standard Chartered's Iranian dealings.

A Time For Reflection

Rosh Hashanah greeting from a representative of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Invest In The Things That Matter

A Rosh Hashanah message from the Chief Rabbi.

A New Year Like The Last

Holiday greetings from the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Editor's Notes

From Israelis at the Olympics to a politician's wife in the scouts, we've got it all in the print edition of Alondon this month.

The Age Of Boredom

With the temperature rising, is there anything interesting happening in Israel right now?

Waiting For D-Day

Saul Zadka gives us his take on recent events in the UK, from a "martyr" from West London to the BBC's rare apology.

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