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Radiohead Pressured to Cancel Israel Show

The English rock group has received a letter signed by 47 artists asking to cancel a show in Tel Aviv that they announced back in February.

Israeli Show Cancelled In London

Due to poor ticket sales, well-known Israeli dance troupe Mayumana saw its show cancelled by Hackney Empire

Israelis In Sony Photo Awards

The largest photography competition in the world just "honored" two Israeli photographers as being in the top ten for their categories

British Leaders Send Chanukah Greetings

Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson both made statements for Chanukah last week

Chanukah Message From Sadiq Khan

London Mayor Sadiq Khan released a Chanukah message that highlights the value of the Jewish community in London and the religious tolerance of the city

Hebrew Gets GCSE Bump

The number of students at GCSE and A Levels taking Modern Hebrew is at a five year high

Mesadurim Comes To UK

Another hit Israeli show will soon be getting an English-language makeover.

Balfour Statement from Israeli Embassy

Last week the Israeli embassy released a statement commemorating 99 years since the Balfour Declaration

A Chat With Balkan Beat Box

The most multifarious Israeli-American band on Earth is coming to London after dropping a new album

MONC Comes To Islington

Preeminent Israeli soul group Men Of North Country is visiting London for a gig featuring tracks off their new album

A Chat With Infected Mushroom

They deliberated between living in London or Los Angeles, and the heat of the City of Angels tipped the scales, but Infected Mushroom are careful to hit us up and bounce us at least twice a year. Interview with Duvdev

Your British Pub In Tel Aviv

Modestly named My Pub comes with pints, peanuts, comedy and the best bartender/psychiatrist in Tel Aviv

Brian Eno Denies Batsheva

Brian Eno denied permission for the Israeli dance troupe Batsheva to use his music on Tuesday

Im Tirtzu Denied In London

A cancelled Im Tirtzu presentation in London starts a flame war on Jewish News

Israeli Festival Faces Protests

After a year without Israeli performances, the Fringe will feature a whole day of Israeli acts, but not all are supportive

Tel Aviv Among Top 5 Best Culinary Cities On Earth

The Conde Nast Traveler has given Tel Aviv- and its famous vegan options- a high spot in the world of food

Israel Threatens Funding Of Artists Avoiding The Settlements

The Minister of Culture has declared a "revolution" against any boycott of illegal settlements by state-funded artists

SERET Israeli Film Festival Back For 5th Year

The growing film festival will feature 20 of Israel's best Films, Shows and Documentaries

Two Israeli Divers Discover Roman Treasure

One the biggest recent finds of a sunken Roman treasure is also one of the coolest

West End Lead, Eastern Heart

He remained in London after graduation to try his luck and landed a leading role in a West End biblical parody. An interview with Niv Petel

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