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Israel Ahead of UK in World Happiness Index

Israel listed at 11th place of 157 countries while the UK ranked 23rd in the annual report released by Columbia University

The Divine Comedy

He is an orthodox Jew and doesn't even own a TV but co-created "Little Britain" and performs his stand-up across the UK. Who are you Ashley Blaker?

WIZO UK Awards Bring Social Activists to Israel

The six winners of the 2016 Commitment Awards, recognising helping others through social activism, toured Israel and met with the UK ambassador

25% of British Public Witnessed Race Hate in the Last Year

Some 69% regret not intervening, says Holocaust Memorial Day Trust poll

Anti-Boycott Trade Unionists Gather in London

Delegates of 14 different trade unions attended the event at ORT House to share their experience and best practice about dealing with boycotts

Speaker Of The House Welcomes Holocaust Survivors

Ahead of the Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January, over 100 survivors attended a special reception at the State Rooms of The Speaker’s House

Meet The Bravest Man In The Middle East

A fascinating discussion on the the current situation in the Arab World with courageous Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alusi, Leader of the Ummah Party, 18 January

Cambridge University's Tribute To Sam Spiegel Film School

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Israeli school the University is set to host an eight-session tribute dealing with burning issues in the Israeli society

Israeli Disaster Relief Team Helping Flood Victims

The four volunteers from IsraAID organisation have arrived in Leeds where they are helping to repair homes and assist local residents

Ten Holocaust Survivors in Queen's New Year’s Honours List

The survivors were honoured for their work in sharing the stories and helping raise awareness to the horrors of the Nazi crimes

Limmud Conference Celebrates 35 Years

The global network’s flagship Jewish learning festival will take place in Birmingham from 27-31 December 2015

Racism in Britain Has Risen in Recent Years, Survey Says

According to a poll by BBC local radio more than two of five Britons believe racism had increased while one in four witnessed discrimination

Chanukah Events in London

Chanukah is almost upon us and the city fills with festive events for the entire family. A partial list

UK, Israel Extend Scientific Collaboration

The new programme will be launched in early 2016 and will focus on water and agriculture technology fields, nanotechnology, neuroscience and engineering

So How Many Israelis Actually Live in the UK?

The above is a complex question, Israeli organisations including the Israeli House estimate the real number as much higher than that published in a recent survey

The National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week

The special week held for the second time aims to inform the public about any possible terror threat, how to stay safe and how you can help

Israeli Embassy Hosts Righteous Among the Nations Ceremony

The ceremony was held in honour of Irma Turnsek, a non-Jewish woman who saved the life of a young Jewish boy during the Holocaust

BBC Watch

While the British pubilc consumes biased coverage of Israel on The BBC, who really watches the public-server broadcaster?

Mayor's Office Launches Hate Crime Dashboard and App

The dashboard displays the number of hate crime offences by borough in London; the app will make it easier for Londoners to report hate crime and access support services

Most of UK's Jews Will be Ultra-Orthodox By End of Century

A new study argues high birth and low death rates drives population growth in the ultra-orthodox community

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